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Professional diving

Professional diving training requires accuracy, seriousness and a proper use of the equipment to reach quality training. The specialisation of OCÉANOS as a training centre exclusively oriented to the sector needs provides this chance to those who are interested in professional diving.

Current industry demands qualified staff able to demonstrate their knowledge either of diving or safety in underwater activities. It is important to highlight the constant and updated training, according to changes in the sector and the different working areas.

Official certificates issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya under the conditions laid down for the exercise of professional diving in the Decree of Catalonia 54/2012, 22nd May, valid at state level and internationally recognised according to the terms set in the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament.

The obtaining of certificates is progressive. Students can not apply for a specific level if they do not have the previous one.


Scuba surface supplied to 30 metres

This qualification allows divers to effectuate underwater work up to 30 metres using a system of autonomous diving or air supply from surface.

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Surface supplied to 60 metres and wet bell

This qualification allows divers to effectuate underwater work up to 50 metres using autonomous diving system, and up to 60 metres using surface air supply.

It also includes the certification of diving specialities and immersion protocols with wet bell.

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Surface supplied with mixed gases

This qualification allows divers to effectuate underwater work using breathing air system from surface with mixed gases such as Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox.

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