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Professional diving




Program of 250 hours:
105 theoretical hours + 145 practical hours

6 weeks

Monday to Friday, from 8 to 18 h

Professional diving training requires accuracy, seriousness and a proper use of the equipment to reach quality training.

The specialisation of OCÉANOS as a training centre exclusively oriented to the sector needs provides this chance to those who are interested in professional diving.

General objective of the course

The aim of this course is to provide students the ability to plan and carry out in a safe and competent way the intervention immersions. Thus they can work in a hyperbaric and underwater environment, up to an absolute pressure of 3 bars or 30 metres using an air breathing system, with autonomous equipment and surface supply, and applying the decompression protocols and the appropriate safety regulations.

Specific aims

Students are required to:

  • Have a theoretical and practical level of training enough to understand and do calculations needed for a safe immersion. To that end, instructors teach them the use of tables of decompression, notions of physics of gases, time controls, buoyancy calculations, etc.
  • Have the proper underwater abilities to do professional diving and use safely the autonomous equipment and the surface supply system.
  • Plan and carry out in a safe and competent way immersions in a hyperbaric or in an underwater environment.
  • Prepare the equipment used in the underwater works on board or on land.
  • Act efficiently in emergency and rescue situations.
  • Use safely and efficiently the different type of pneumatic tools on surface and underwater, and rising elements.

Access requirements

Students are required to:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Pass a medical examination made by a hyperbaric expert, to be able to do the practical training of professional diving.
  • Pass the physical tests:
    • Swimming: swim 400 metres breaststroke, in a maximum time of 15 minutes.
    • Do a static apnea test of 1 minute.
    • Dive a distance of 25 metres breath-holding without flippers.
    • Compression test at a depth of not less than 30 metres (4 ATA) under the supervision of a hyperbaric chamber operator and a team chief, because the test will be done in a decompression chamber and it is considered a hyperbaric environment.
  • Prove having the first aid qualifications of First Aid at work and Oxygen Provider.

OCÉANOS coordinates the medical examination and the fulfilment of the physical tests the first day of the course.