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From 2006, OCÉANOS is responsible for the theoretical and practical training of professional diving, taking into account the current needs of the diving industry. Located in Barcelona, in the Parc del Fòrum (Forum Park), the school is provided with training areas and exceptional equipment so that a secure and a professional training can be carried out.

OCÉANOS courses count on qualified instructors with teaching and professional diving experience that not only give technical and theoretical knowledge but also set out situations and difficulties during the practical classes that a professional diver may encounter in a real professional situation. Our instructors are professionals who are used to work in complex situations, hostile and polluted environments, hydraulic works, inspections, etc.

Our training program reaches courses of different levels such as, Scuba Surface Supplied to 30 metres, Surface Supplied to 60 metres, diving specialities, Surface Supplied with Mixed Gases and safety and first aid courses such as First Aid at work and Oxygen Provider.

Taking into account the new trends of the professional diving industry, we have incorporated training related to diving complementary subjects such as the maintenance of helmets and ROV pilots.

Safety and risk assessment measures previous to a diving intervention are a priority contemplated during practical classes. The aim is that a preventive conduct in the diving activity is acquired by the student, so that unnecessary risks are always minimized. Safety in underwater activities is a priority.

OCÉANOS has a continuous curriculum that establishes an annual average of 2600 immersions and a pass rate of 90 %.

Thanks to the enforcement of safety measures established in current legislation and to the implementation of formative standards, OCÉANOS is a centre authorised to impart all courses that are developed by the Department of Maritime Affairs of the Generaliat de Catalunya. Additionally, it has the international IDSA certification –International Diving School Association.

OCÉANOS as accredited IDSA full member develops IDSA diving courses and may accredit the training provided until level 3 of IDSA.